ComOne adds features to Phoenix WiFi Radio


Radio stations, analysts and consumers have been giving Com One’s Phoenix Wi-FI (Internet) radio the thumbs up. The new upgrades and interface are user-friendly, the database of podcasts is growing, and the ability to self-provision new stations from a personal web management page has gained favor even among the most critical of radio listeners.

Recent firmware upgrades provide improved Wi-FI quality and stability with a WPA connection that is 25% faster than the previous version and with an enhanced dynamic network bandwidth manager. Plus, a unique new "My Network" feature allows you to access UPnP music sources present on your home network or computer through Windows Media Player.

The Phoenix Radio also has the ability to network and access the music stored on your computer, and to send audio output to your favorite hi-end audio system or speakers via wired analog connection or wireless Bluetooth adapters. All you need is a broadband connection and wireless gateway like a Wi-Fi router.