Company hopes to Zip TV in the bud


There is a firm out there that hopes to benefit from the DTV transition, and the more confusion, the better. Zip Express Installations is ready to show up at the homes of the confused and get them set up for the digital future. Of course, this service does not come cheap. But if you have $199, you get a converter box and professional installation, including TV adjuncts like DVD players or game systems. For $299, a high quality, professionally-installed remote is added in, and it goes up from there.

RBR/TVBR observation: Of course, $199 is a little out of the league of the NTIA $40 coupon, and the high end of Zip starts merging with the low end digital television sets now available. But if there are a couple hundred thousand people who hate MVPDs, are wedded to their analog set and have cash to throw around, then that’s a couple hundred thousand people the FCC won’t have to worry about.