Company promoting LPFM in Austin


GSS and HD Radio Broadcast Alert Receivers
A local company in the event registration and ticketing business considers itself to be a Not-Just-For-Profit company, and to that end, it is seeking to educate local organizations for which an LPFM station might be a good fit, and to help them earn a license.

Brown Paper Tickets says that in particular, it can help with the funding of a new station – it has identified $6M available from local entities in the form of matching funds. BPT says it invests 5% of its own profits into helping build healthy communities in its areas of operation.

“As social entrepreneurs, the ticketing company’s mission is building communities,” the organization said in a release, “and believes that LPFM is an important and powerful tool in that mission. The company has committed resources in support of nonprofits accepting

this challenge, such as offering assistance at no charge to any organization needing direction in their LPFM application, producing a series of public LPFM information sessions, posting an LPFM Toolkit and more.”

It is holding an educational session 3/12/13, which will include a look at a number of relevant topics.

* How LPFM can foster the arts and culture in Austin and elsewhere
* How it can help foster diversity on the airwaves
* How it can bring “hyper-local” media to specific parts of the community
* LPFM’s use in incubating talent
* The provision of a training group for future media professionals

Why is BPT getting involved? It stated, “The FCC announced that it will grant licenses for nonprofits to create and control broadcast content on public airwaves in major urban centers for the first time in history, yet no national or daily newspaper, national broadcast outlet or local broadcast outlet in Austin has covered the story, so not many nonprofits and communities who are eligible to apply for these broadcast licenses are aware of this powerful opportunity that literally may never be offered again. The application is expected to take about three months to complete, due to research and planning required.”


  1. As a member of 1st St John’s Lutheran church in down town York, PA. I have proposed
    an LPFM for center city. How do I contact BPT?

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