Compass Media Marketing scores POP Radio


Compass Media Marketing, Compass Media Networks’ new national ad firm for the audio industry, announced a multi-year deal to exclusively represent POP Radio, the leading in-store audio platform in America.

POP Radio delivers audio messages, similar to network radio, yet in a captive environment throughout the entire store, at the point-of-purchase.  Founded in 1983, POP Radio has been delivering targeted audio advertising to retailers with proven sales lift results and a positive ROI.

“Pop Radio has a huge audience, unique platform, and strong brand with national advertisers,” said Peter Kosann, Founder & CEO of Compass Media Marketing. “We are appreciative and grateful that POP Radio has joined our growing company.”

To quantify the reach of POP, Edison Research was commissioned to calculate audience exposure.  Through actual store visits and face-to-face interviews, Edison’s methodology has accurately measured listenership by including time spent shopping (a network radio TSL equivalent) and physically counting the shoppers present when the messages air.

“Tens of millions of Americans hear POP Radio’s advertisements every day and it is our mission to leverage the reach of POP Radio for the benefit of our sponsors,” said Paul Gregrey, President of Sales & Marketing for Compass Media Marketing.