Comscore Surpassed 1k Local TV Clients


One year ago, Comscore shares were priced at $8.36, and tumbling fast. The media planning and consumer data firm was in a tailspin, following the abrupt departures of CEO Bryan Wiener and President Sarah Hofstetter.

By November, stability arrived as Bill Livek, a Comscore executive who has been Exec. Vice Chairman and President since exiting the Vice Chairman/CEO role at Rentrak in early 2016, was appointed late Tuesday by Comscore’s board of directors to take the role of EVP/CEO.

Now, Comscore is celebrating a landmark milestone: It now has 1,000 local TV station clients for its local television measurement currency and its advanced demographics.

The 1,000-client mark comes a decade after Comscore began taking on Nielsen in the local TV measurement arena, with tools of specific desire among media planners and media buyers.

“This is a monumental moment for Comscore and our customers,” said Livek. “Reaching this milestone is a testament of how our customers are looking for advanced ways to better service their clients and improve their profitability using Comscore’s services.”

Comscore measures television viewership from return path devices across households in all local markets.