Conan O’Brien keeping busy on Twitter


Since he doesn’t currently have a TV show, Conan O’Brien apparently has more free time. One of the things he’s done is open a Twitter account. O’Brien quickly amassed over a half million followers receiving his every Tweet. He, however, was not following anyone else’s Tweets.

Until Friday.

That’s when the red-haired one sent his followers this message: “I’ve decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change.”

Indeed it has. Killen, who uses the Twitter ID “Lovely Button,” said she had three followers before Conan came aboard as number four. When we checked over the weekend, she had gone well past 11,500 – with more being added constantly. (Sunday afternoon update: 15,382 and still growing.)

The young woman, who lives in Michigan, has been interviewed on MTV. Businesses are lining up to give her freebies for her upcoming wedding, scheduled for September.

“I told my dad about all this craziness and he thought I was lying,” she said in one Tweet – so we can only assume that Daddy was not one of the original three followers. 

“I knew that randomness would pay off for me one day,” Killen said in a Tweet shortly after her selection by O’Brien.

So, what else is O’Brien going to do until he is free to go back on TV in the fall under his exit deal with NBC? TMZ broke the story Friday that Ticketmaster has begun taking orders for a Conan O’Brien stage show in Phoenix on April 30th, with a multi-city tour planned.