Conclave 35 to debut “Jacobs Media Summer School”


The Conclave will partner with Jacobs Media in presenting the Jacobs Media Summer School, an educational event opening the 35th annual Learning Conference on 7/15 at the Doubletree Park Place Hotel/Minneapolis (the entire conference is July 15-17).

Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs tells RBR-TVBR: “We’re still building the curriculum but Summer School will cover the basics that every programmer and on-air talent needs to know to be effective in 2010. We’ll be focusing on social media, managing and growing talent, doing more with less, and building station and personality brands.  The Jacobs Media staff will be involved in all the sessions, along with special guests.”
He also said they will be going to short sessions to maximize the time, and to acknowledge that everyone’s in a hurry, distracted, and trying to cram in as much actionable information as possible.  “In this way, we can put together lots of different sessions, keep them moving along, and maximize the learning experience…We would also be open to suggestions from those planning to attend.  We want to be sure that our content is on-point, so anyone can email me with ideas for sessions or ‘course material’.”

You can reach out to him at [email protected]

Tom Kay, Conclave Executive Director, tells us they are “thrilled beyond belief”  that we’ll be able to kick off the benchmark learning conference with a brand new Jacobs Media teaching product: “If you look up ‘cutting edge’ in the dictionary, you’ll see the Jacobs Media logo. At this special event, all attendees of the Conclave will receive unique, cutting edge training in the basics of good radio, taught in 20 minute increments by the best in the biz. We thank Fred Jacobs and his gang for providing this most wonderful appetizer for an entrée that promises important learning inside a very extraordinary weekend.”