Here is a generous response to RBR/TVBR Publisher Carnegie’s comments in 07/08/08 RBR #132 entitled – Thanks to all – RBR is celebrating 25 years, a quarter of a century and each day you have to reinvent your methods to match the forward movement and progress – past analog and into the digital era which is right now.

Congratulations to RBR – Radio Business Report and Jim Carnegie

25 years is not an easy milestone to reach in the business of reporting on Radio or Television. It’s highly competitive and cries out for investments in time, capital, and a willingness to frequently express opinions that might not always swim in the same direction as the “mainstream.”  Oh, and having a staff that knows, has been involved in and understands the history of the Industry is perhaps the biggest plus.

This month, Jim Carnegie and Radio Business Report observed their 25th year of publishing daily reports via fax, email and even the printed formats. Today, of course, that has all transformed to the web and e-mail. TDGA principals have been in the Broadcasting for 51 years and I’m guessing Jim is somewhere around that same number.

RBR/TVBR has been one of the major player trade paper combos to strongly recognize and support our little corner of the worlds, here in Traffic-land. And that makes it an added privilege to add our Congratulations to the entire staff at RBR on their 25th Anniversary.
Editor note: is the premiere source of all media information and analysis today. 25 years and Independently Owned. Bookmark and follow all media news with a cutting edge. Have a website, link for your guests to be and stay informed. They will love ya for it.

Larry Keene, CEO/CTD

TDGA-Traffic Directors Guild of America