Connecticut AMs at a Crossroads with Hartford TV


A pair of Talk-oriented radio stations serving a portion of Connecticut ranging from the southern portion of state capital Hartford and ranging further south to Long Island Sound have entered into an agreement with a Hartford television stations that will extend the reach of the TV station’s news programming.

The radio stations belong to Crossroads Communications, headed by President Don DeCesare – who also holds down an airshift. They include WMRD-AM 1150 and WLIS-AM 1450.

The television station is Meredith Corporation’s CBS WFSB-TV 3.

The radio stations will simply rebroadcast the local news offerings of the television station during its regularly-scheduled 12 Noon and 6 PM newscasts, according to a TVNewsCheck report.

The radio stations are a pair of simulcast twins offering a variety of programming comprising a mix of local and syndicated fare.

WLIS is the stronger station of the two, but has the least proximity to Hartford. It’s a Class B with 5 kW-D, 500 W-N, DAN. It serves a portion of Connecticu to the west of New London along the Long Island Sound shoreline. It’s licensed to Old Saybrook.

WMRD is a Class D with 2.5 kW-D and 46 W-N, and the main daytime signal gets to the southern portion of the market, although its primary service area is in its city of license Middletown.

RBR-TVBR observation: This is actually a mild form of LMA, or local market agreement – a strategic agreement between media organizations, and in this case, it can benefit not only the two companies, but also drivers in the area who otherwise would have no access to a television news report whatsoever.