Conners files discrimination suit against KMOV


GavelFormer local TV news anchor Larry Conners has filed a discrimination complaint against his ex-employer, Belo’s KMOV-TV St. Louis (CBS) claiming he was unfairly treated because of his age, KSDK-TV reported.

Conners was fired from KMOV recently following comments on his Facebook page about the IRS targeting him for an interview he conducted with President Barack Obama. Conners worked at KMOV for nearly 27 years and in St. Louis since 1976.

In interviews with local media outlets, Conners said his Facebook post was meant to point a coincidence about his own IRS predicament in the wake of stories emerging that the IRS targeted conservative groups.

The discrimination complaint alleges Conners was taken off his old shift after coming back from medical leave for shoulder surgery, and that he was paid less than a former colleague.

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