Conservative watchdog goes after Dems over HCR


The ongoing battle over health care reform continues to provide ample motivation for political groups to open their wallets, and the latest to jump in is the American Future Fund, which is using TV to take its message into 18 congressional districts.

The ads are the second recent flight for the group, both using the “lipstick on a pig” theme. “Pig” ran in conjunction with President Obama’s health care summit. The new flight is called “Lipstick.”

It is aimed at 18 Democratic Representatives. Here is the target list.

* Ann Kirkpatrick AZ-1

* Harry Mitchell AZ-5

* Gabrielle Giffords AZ-8

* Joe Donnelly IN-2

* Brad Ellsworth IN-8

* Baron Hill IN-9

* Bob Etheridge NC-2

* Earl Pomeroy ND-0

* Dina Titus NV-3

* Michael Arcuri NY-24

* Steve Driehaus OH-1

* Charlie Wilson OH-6

* Betty Sutton OH-13

* Christopher Carney PA-10

* Kathy Dahlkemper PA-3

* Steve Kagen WI-8

* Alan Mollohan WV-1

* Nick Rahall WV-3