Consideration of CALM Act extended


When Congress acted to bring the decibel level of television commercials down to the same level used in programming via passage of the CALM Act, it instructed the FCC to get it done by mid-December 2011. But a committee tasked with working out the technical aspects has asked for, and gotten, more time for comment.

Advanced Television Systems Committee Inc. says it has revised a key document on the topic, and that the new and improved successor document is going to be ready and posted on its website 7/26/11.

The comment period was already extended by a few days once, and the actual comment period has already expired as of 7/8/11. But reply comments are still being accepted until 7/21/11.

In light of the imminent release of the new report, ATSC asked to extend the reply comment period one more time, to 8/1/11. The FCC agreed.

The proceeding is under MB Docket No. 11-93.