Consumers rate Mother's Day ads


Oreo’s “Happy Mother’s Day” ad was the most effective Mother’s Day ad to break so far this year, according to data from Ace Metrix. The ad, which scored an Ace Score of 628, compared to a norm of 522, took a 55-point lead over the next two favorite ads from Procter & Gamble and Verizon. Mother’s Day ads from Macy’s, and ProFlowers all scored below norm.

“The beauty of the Oreo’s ad is its simplicity. The ad tells a compelling story without using words, and achieved an amazing Likeability score of 720 — a great example of how less can many times be more in appealing to consumers,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “P&G’s successful ads for their stable of beauty and household products also promoted the company’s support for the Special Olympics. Surrounding their brand with philanthropic messages led to the highest Information score (655) among Mother’s Day ads. This combined with very high Watchability scores made this a very compelling campaign.”

Most Effective Mother’s Day Ads, 2011:





Ad Message


Ace Score*

1         Oreo         Happy Mother’s Day         628
2         Procter & Gamble         Morning Routine/ Special Olympics         573
2         Verizon Wireless         Paul Rodriguez: What Is Value?         573
3         Procter & Gamble         Committed To Helping The Special Olympics         563
4         Hallmark         Mother’s Day         560
5         Verizon Wireless         Mom’s Getting The Phone         558


6         Macy’s         Magic At Mother’s Day Sale        



        Find Gifts For Every Mom May 8th         477
8         Memories With Gifts That Say I Love You         447
9         ProFlowers         Mother’s Day Special         418

*Definition: Ace Score is the measure of ad creative effectiveness based on viewer reaction to national TV ads. Respondents are randomly selected and representative of the U.S. TV viewing audience. The results are presented on a scale of 0-950, which represents scoring on creative attributes such as relevance, persuasion, watchability, information, attention, etc.

Oreo’s, Hallmark and P&G did quite well in creating desire and gaining the attention of consumers with their Mother’s Day ads, while and Macy’s failed in the effort. Viewers found Proflowers’ ad lacked watchability. The words ‘boring,’ ‘long,’ and ‘infomercial’ were repeated throughout many of the consumer commentary of the ad, said the report.