Consumers set for summer travel but slow to book


A new survey shows that more people than last year are planning to take a vacation on the road this summer. But even as the summer weeks are slipping by, the surveyors found procrastination when it comes to making the necessary arrangements.

The survey comes from Travel Ticker, and it is called the 2011 Summer Travel Intentions Survey. The key finding is that this year 86% of those surveyed are planning a vacation trip, up from 79% in the summer of 2010. But the amazing underpinning fact is that 70% still have not booked anything.

“We were surprised by how many folks haven’t acted on their summer travel plans yet, but procrastination looks like it will pay off this year because we are seeing deals on Travel Ticker continue to sweeten as we head into the summer season,” said L. Jasmine Kim, General Manager and VP of Travel Ticker. “Whether you’re dreaming of being barefoot on the beach, sightseeing in your favorite big city or heading abroad, the trick is to let the deal be the inspiration to get the most savings.”

Travel Ticker has a stake in the issue, since it hosts an online site that offers travel deals.

Here are some of the key facts that the survey produced:

* 40% will have more free time to travel this summer
* 26% say that their economic situation will be better than last year
* 25% say they have waited too long to take a vacation
* 22% think there will be better deals available this summer

As for destinations, Travel Ticker found a lot of dreamers in its survey. They were thinking about:
* 24 percent want to go to Las Vegas this summer
* 23 percent want to visit the Caribbean this summer
* 21 percent are dreaming of a Europe vacation for summer this year
* 20 percent want to take a bite out of the Big Apple, New York City this summer
* 19 percent want to soak up the sun in Hawaii for the full summer effect

RBR-TVBR observation: This is actually good news for broadcasters looking to bring in a little last-minute business. Clients and potential clients with a stake in the tourism industry need to be made aware that it is not too late to influence the decisions of consumers who might be in the market for their particular goods and/or services.