Content Factory's "Web Buz" taps Dial Global for ad sales


Jimmy deCastro’s Content Factory has signed Dial Global for exclusive ad representation of its ‘Web Buz" product-a 60-second, on-air and online audio and video news feature catered to a specific radio station’s format and audience. Web Buz is a multimedia solution for terrestrial, satellite and HD radio, which continues to explore ways to integrate on-air and online relationships with listeners. Content, developed by Ken Kohl’s Acquaint Media LLC, is based on the "MOST" concept, which notes the most searched, viewed, downloaded and e-mailed items on the web. Using that data, each Web Buz feature is not produced on the basis or whims of editors, anchors or journalists. Instead, target listeners will find the topics interesting because the news is chosen based on their likings.

DeCastro tells RBR: "It’s one of the most exciting executions of terrestrial on-air, as well as online content. Advertisers will be especially pleased because of its multiplatform appeal. We’re very excited to usher in a new era of combining radio and the internet broadcasting. We’re breaking new ground."
Added David Landau, Co-President/CEO of Dial Global: "We all have great expectations and look forward to adding Web Buz to our RADAR lineup shortly."