Contest platform continues to grow


Internet HabitsEverybody wants to bulk up their trophy shelf, particularly in the high-profile promotion-craving world of broadcasters. But to win, one has to enter and that takes time. A service – BetterBNC — that streamlines the process is trying to help.

Instead of forcing stations to go to the trouble of assembling video and audio files and shipping them to a location where judges can access them; and instead of requiring judges to try to wade through a mishmash of entries delivered in multiple formats, BetteBNC provides an internet home that centralizes the entire process.

The platform “…was designed and built specifically to address the unique needs of print and broadcast journalism contests,” notes BetterBNC. In the case of broadcasters, the company explained, “Rather than shipping entries or uploading numerous pieces onto an awards program server, BetterBNC allows organizations to simply link to their broadcast entries which can be on a station’s website or published on sites including YouTube, Vimeo and Tindeck.  This reduces issues resulting from an increasing number of different file formats or slow server speeds and it is improving experience for judges who are now able to more easily view and evaluate entries online.”

The company uses an advisory board made up of clients already using its platform to help direct the evolution of its services.