Contest rule change is big win for radio


FCCRadio stations love to run contests, but traditionally the rules had to be exceedingly simple because they had to be revealed over the air. The FCC has now proposed to bring the rules into the 21st Century.

The rules apply to television stations as well.

If adopted, stations may continue the practice of disclosing the rules over the air.

They have also have the new option of disclosing them on the station’s website.

The FCC noted, “The FCC is initiating this proceeding to respond to the dramatic changes that have occurred in the way Americans obtain information since the Contest Rule was adopted almost four decades ago.  The proposed changes would give broadcast stations more flexibility to fully comply with the Contest Rule.  The changes would also give consumers a more convenient way to access and understand important contest rules normally aired through television and radio advertisements.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Isn’t it nice that every now and then common sense prevails, even in Washington?


  1. The FCC’s action is a Noticed of Proposed Rule Making, not an order changing the rules. Until such an order is adopted the current rules remain in effect. The statement in the article that stations “now . . . have the new option of disclosing [the contest rules] on the station’s website” is not correct and could lead some unsuspecting station to believe that the new rule proposal has actually been adopted and is now in effect, which is not the case.

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