Contest rules key next FCC meeting


FCC2014The five FCC commissioners will convene before the public Friday 11/21/14, and some may find it refreshing that they’re giving the incentive auction and net neutrality a break. Broadcasters are hoping for an early holiday gift in the form of modernized contest rules.

The meeting will kick off at 10:30AM eastern.

From the Commission, here’s what’s on the agenda:

1. TITLE:  Amendment of Section 73.1216 of the Commission’s Rules Related to Broadcast Licensee-Conducted Contests
SUMMARY:  The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to provide broadcasters greater flexibility in their disclosure of contest terms.

2. TITLE:  Ensuring Customer Premises Equipment Backup Power for Continuity of Communications (PS Docket No. 14-174); Technology Transitions (GN Docket No. 13-5); Amendment of Certain of the Commission’s Part 1 Rules of Practice and Procedure and Part 0 Rules of Commission Organization (GC Docket No. 10-44); Policies and Rules Governing Retirement of Copper Loops by Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (RM-11358); and Special Access for Price Cap Local Exchange Carriers (WC Docket No. 05-25)

SUMMARY:  The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Declaratory Ruling, and Order to facilitate the transition to next generation networks by promoting and preserving the Commission’s public safety, consumer protection, and competition goals.

3. TITLE:  911 Governance and Accountability (PS Docket No. 14-193) and Improving 911 Reliability (PS Docket No. 13-75)
SUMMARY:  The Commission will consider a Policy Statement and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding its approach to 911 governance and proposing mechanisms to ensure continued accountability for reliable 911 services as technologies evolve.

4. TITLE:  ITU Plenipotentiary Conference Presentation
SUMMARY:  The Commission will hear a presentation regarding the 2014 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference. The presentation will include a summary of key issues addressed at the Plenipotentiary and the conference outcomes.