Contract signed for KCOH


Michael Petrizzo’s Urban/Talk KCOH-AM in Houston is heading out of the commercial realm and into the hands of a religious owner who will be picking up his first station.

The buyer is the Paraclete Church Ministries Inc., which will do business as Beyond Broadcasting. It’s headed by Jesse R. Dunn. KCOH operates on 1430 kHz with 5 kw-D and 1 kw-N.

KCOH will claim a robust acquisition price, going for $8.75M in cold hard cash. $250K has already been plunked into an escrow account.

It will spell the end of the road for a station that is said to have served the Urban audience of Houston since it signed on back in 1953. As recently as 2008, it was named Best Radio Station in Houston by alternative weekly Houston Press.