Convenience TV claims success with


Fresh from a private placement of $250,000 of stock this month, publicly traded Convenience TV is claiming success for its first advertising contract. The company’s “in-location” video network promoted the “WWE Friday Night Smackdown” on The CW Network.

“It was gratifying to complete our first advertising contract with such a high-profile network show like ‘Smackdown.’ Additionally, it shows how important our network can be as an advertising vehicle, not only for retail products found in the locations carrying our network, but also for non-related companies that wish to generate awareness for their products whether those are automobiles or entertainment,” said Convenience TV President and CEO Norman Knowles.

The ads were placed during ratings sweeps to help increase The CW’s viewership for the program. The ad campaign aired on Convenience TV’s C-Store Network. :30 commercials promoting viewership ran during a 40-day period. The commercials detailed the premiere and launch of “WWE Friday Night Smackdown.” The CW commercials ran in Los Angeles and Chicago highlighting the local CW affiliate carrying the show.

Convenience TV, a public shell company formerly known as Costa Rica Paradise Inc., acquired the C Store Network LLC from Global Fusion Media Inc. in a swap of 36 million shares of stock. The stock has recently traded in a range of 20-25 cents, which would place the value of the acquisition in a range of $7.2-9 million. The stock trades on the OTC Bulletin Board as CRPZ.