Convention throws off some cash for radio


With the Democratic National Convention underway in Denver, some advertising is being placed on local broadcast outlets to try to influence the party leaders. Case in point: The American Leadership Project (ALP) announced that it is airing two new radio ads – one English, one Spanish – to call for “real solutions to America’s energy crisis.” The :60s are airing in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction markets.

ALP is a 527 association which is not affiliated with any campaign. But its ads lambaste Republican John McCain for supporting offshore oil drilling and voting against requiring big oil companies to “invest their windfall profits in clean energy and new jobs.”

ALP says its goal is to highlight issues of importance to the American middle class, “such as the economy, jobs, the rising cost of health care, and the mortgage crisis.” Even if your station is not located in Colorado (or Minnesota, site of the Republican convention), you could still see ad buys from this group. “It is our intention to communicate issue-specific messages during the Presidential election in states where these issues have maximum resonance,” the group stated.