Convergence commercialized at Nielsen


A year after launching a pilot project with ESPN, The Nielsen Company is making its TV/Internet Convergence Research Panel available to anyone who wants to pay for it. It is yet another manifestation of the company’s attempt to follow the consumer for Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement (A2/M2).

The integrated sample of households was assembled by Nielsen to measure TV and Internet use within a household. The pilot with ESPN was designed to let the Disney subsidiary measure the unduplicated reach of ESPN’s traditional TV programming, and ESPN mobile video; measure the overlap across the platforms; and illustrate the demographic and market break composition of various combinations of audiences.

Nielsen says clients who subscribe to Nielsen’s TV/Internet Research Convergence Panel service are able to gain a deep understanding of:

–Time spent by consumers on television and Internet on a daily basis;

–Simultaneous usage of television and Internet;

–The relationship between viewing content on television, streaming content, and surfing the Internet; and

–Cause and effect – how usage of one media drives usage of the other.

The panel consists of over 2,800 people in 1,000 households. Panelists have their television viewing measured by Nielsen’s People Meters and their Internet usage (streaming video and web page navigation) measured by Nielsen Online’s Internet measurement technology.

Nielsen’s TV/Internet Convergence Research Panel data is available now through monthly Excel reports, beginning with May 2008 data. Subscribing clients also have access to custom analyses tailored to their specific networks, programs and websites. The company says data will be available in Nielsen’s NPOWER software in December 2008.