Copper thefts plague telecom giant Verizon


Broadcasters aren’t the only ones to suffer thefts of cable and equipment by criminals after the copper. Verizon has been hit so hard in California that it’s appealed to the public to help catch the thieves.

“Verizon is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the individuals responsible for a recent spate of copper cable thefts that have put public safety at risk for hundreds of customers in Southern California and caused unnecessary telephone service outages,” the company announced.

In recent weeks, thieves have cut and stolen thousands of feet of copper cable at nine locations, Verizon said, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages.  

“These thefts not only are an inconvenience for customers whose phone and Internet services are disrupted needlessly, but they also remove a vital communications link for people who may not have another way to reach loved ones or emergency responders,” said Margaret Serjak, president of Verizon California.  “We will not tolerate these deliberate and malicious acts against our communications network and our customers.”

Verizon said it is working closely with state and local law enforcement authorities to find and prosecute those responsible. The company urges anyone with information about these crimes to contact Verizon Security at 800-997-3287, or their local law enforcement agency.