Copps issues his first Sunshine notice


The initial FCC Open Meeting under Acting Chairman Michael Copps will be held next Thursday, 2/5/09, at 2PM in the FCC digs in Southwest Washington. The agenda, as it stands now, is all DTV, all the time. As the notice states, “The meeting will include presentations and discussion by senior agency officials as well as industry, consumer groups and others involved in the Digital Television Transition.” The identity of the panelists will be released next week.

RBR/TVBR observation: There is a chance that when this meeting is held, the transition will be a mere 12 days away, so it figures to have more than a few FCC folks preoccupied. The good news: DTV draws attention away from other onerous proceedings bubbling below the surface. The bad news: Onerous proceedings are still bubbling below the surface.