COPS: High Speed Pursuit app now on iPhone


After 22 years of airing on FOX, the “COPS: High Speed Pursuit” app from Hands-On Mobile now allows players to take control of the wheel while trying to catch criminals through intense, high-speed car chases and dangerous takedowns.

“COPS is one of the most recognized shows on T.V.   We’re very excited about the release of COPS: High Speed Pursuit and see it as a great step forward in the COPS legacy,” said Morgan Langley, executive producer at Langley Productions.

With 15 levels of adrenaline-spiked pursuits, players attempt to catch suspects, while racing across the open highways of the Florida Everglades, the mountainous passes of the Pacific Northwest, the dusty, winding roads of Route 66, and the traffic-clogged freeways of LA.

In the game, players tap an on-screen accelerator to race up to their suspects and steer in close with the device’s accelerometer to take them down. If players complete the chase and takedown quickly while avoiding damage to civilian vehicles, they will earn cash and promotions to unlock the vehicles that best handle the four unique geographic terrains. 

The app is available for $3.99 from the App Store or at