“Cornbread” reups with 92.3 WIL


Bonneville’s 92.3 WIL St. Louis announced morning driver “Cornbread” has signed a new contract. He has been the namesake of WIL’s morning drive program, “The Cornbread Morning Show”, for the past six years.

“The Cornbread Morning Show”, winner of the 2009 Country Music Association Major Market Personality of the Year, has been on WIL’s airwaves since 2004. The show features Cornbread, Pat James, “Producer Annie” Henson, “Father Harry” Schroeder and “Captain Mac” Douglas.

Commenting on his contract renewal at 92.3 WIL, Cornbread notes, “I turned down hosting The Tonight Show to stay at WIL. That’s how much I love this station and the greatest city in America, St. Louis. Bonneville and I have a Brangelina-like relationship. We’re both pretty and want to make this a better world.”