Court agrees to expedite NAB auction action


GavelThe National Association of Broadcasters is challenging certain aspects of the FCC’s approach to the incentive auction process, and the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has agreed to speed up its normal process to hear the case.

The NAB believes that the intent of Congress was to proceed with the auction which will benefit the wireless broadband industry while keeping broadcasters and their audience completely unharmed.

The FCC’s task is to make “every” reasonable effort to protect television licensees forced to move to a new channel, particularly by maintaining their over-air coverage area and by covering all costs associated with the forced move.

NAB contends the FCC’s approach essentially removes the word “every” from the equation.

The schedule for the case, subject to modification, is:
*Joint Brief for Intervenors in Support 10/14/14 of Petitioner, if any (not to exceed 8,750 words)
*Brief for Respondents 11/13/14 (not to exceed 14,000 words)
*Joint Brief for Intervenors in Support 11/20/14 of Respondents, if any (not to exceed 8,750 words)
*Reply Brief for Petitioner 12/04/14 (not to exceed 7,000 words)
*Deferred Appendix 12/11/14
*Final Briefs 12/18/14