Court approves sale of Jackson MS television station


GavelRoberts Broadcasting, which is part of a multi-faceted company trying to work its way through bankruptcy, has applied to sell WRBJ-TV to Trinity Broadcasting Network. The deal has received thumbs up from a bankruptcy court.

The sale of the CW affiliate still is awaiting FCC approval, according to the FCC’s own database.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting the court approval, and notes that Roberts, which declared bankruptcy back in the fall of 2011, is also trying to sell some of its hotels, without much luck as yet.

It also has television stations in St. Louis MO, Columbia SC and Evansville IN.

The price of WRBJ is $1.5M cash. Roberts is selling it as debtor-in-possession. The FCC accepted the deal for filing 10/23/12.

Trinity is headed by Paul Crouch. Its Trinity Broadcasting Network carries a variety of religious programs including those of Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, Franklin Graham and many others.

It is expected that when Trinity takes over WRBJ, TBN will take over for CW as the station’s source of programming.