Courvoisier launches campaign to "Find Greatness Within"


Beam Global Spirits & Wine and Courvoisier Cognacannounced the launch of "Find Greatness Within," the brand’s first advertising and positioning campaign since 2005. The newly launched Courvoisier Exclusif and Courvoisier VSOP are featured in various publications in October and November. In addition to the marques, the campaign features Jermaine "JD" Dupri, renowned producer and founder of So-So Def Records. The ads feature Dupri posing with a snifter of Courvoisier VSOP. All the "layers" critical to his success are featured around him as a crest and are depicted in the ad including records, his drum set, music clefs, the skyline of Atlanta-Dupri’s hometown, and basketballs, as he is a passionate basketball fan. The sidebar reads, "Jermaine Dupri. Artist, Music Mogul, Basketball Fanatic."