Cox offers multi-platform service for publishers


COX EnterprisesPrint media companies are relying more on digital income every day, and Cox has transformed two of its subsidiaries into one – Gamut – that will help publishers maximize opportunities across all channels.

The service is comprised of what used to be Cox Digital Solutions and Cox Cross Media. Gamut is under the umbrella of CoxReps.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Gamut as the newest brand in the Cox Media Group family,” said Neil Johnston, executive vice president, strategy and digital innovation at Cox Media Group. “As a media company, we fully understand the needs of both publishers and advertisers, and we will continue to deliver quality service and optimized results as Gamut.”

The serviced is intended to be used by publishers, advertisers, agencies, and small-to-mid sized businesses. Here are its four major components:

Programmatic+: Enables publishers to maximize yield for their display, mobile, and video inventory with a real-time pricing (RTP) engine, and delivers access to high-quality inventory and superior cross-channel audiences for advertisers. The technology offers proven profitability that optimizes across the inventory value spectrum, delivering more flexibility and ease of use.

Reps+: Offers guidance on a full campaign lifecycle, working to identify the right audience, digital media mix, and platforms to drive peak performance. An experienced team helps advertisers achieve digital, cross-channel campaign goals, powered by deep-rooted media expertise and access to high quality data.

Reach+: Provides a turnkey wholesale product for publishers to deliver expanded access to audiences, generating more advertising revenue while effectively extending the magnitude and frequency of cross-channel campaigns. A customized white-label solution, Reach+ provides access to large audience pools solving display, mobile, video inventory shortfalls, helping to ensure success.

CrossMedia+: Delivers custom solutions for fully integrated, multi-market, television-driven campaigns, complemented by digital solutions, providing access to key audiences based on televised events that attract large audiences. With deep expertise in local markets, CrossMedia+ offers a streamlined service to execute on a local, regional, or national scale, supported by a team that executes full media planning, buying, execution, and post-campaign reporting.