Cox Radio launches “New Country” with low spot load


Cox Radio launched a brand new country station, “New Country” WQNU Q103.1 in Louisville 7/18 on the second strongest FM signal in the market.

The launch will give country music lovers their favorite music all day, every day with fewer commercials. In fact, the station will play only eight spots per hour, by far the lowest rate of any country music station in the market.  The station will be adding live and local air talent in the coming months.

“Louisville country music listeners have been asking for a country station that plays their favorite music with fewer commercials, and we are excited to fill that void in the market,” said Todd Schumacher, Vice President and Market Manager of Cox Radio Louisville.  “With New Country Q103.1, we are guaranteeing only eight commercials per hour, giving listeners more music, and we’re doing it on one of the strongest FM signals in the market.”

New Country Q103.1 will be simulcast on both 103.1 and on 103.9. As part of the campaign to alert listeners, WQNU will launch a local marketing effort on broadcast and cable TV.