CP bonanza from Tucker to Tucker


Ted Tucker is picking up five FM CPs from Ted Tucker, including two in Wyoming and one each in Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico. To better explain the transaction, the sticks-to-be will be moving from Junior’s Skywest Media to Senior’s Cochise Media Licenses, which also lists Jana Tucker as a principal. The financial hinge is forgiveness of a $699K promissory note. One of stations, KRZX-FM CP, will serve the Grand Junction CO Arbitron market from Redlands CO. Another, a CP earmarked for Kaycee WY FM, will form a duopoly with KGRK-FM CP Glenrock WY. The other three are KXML-FM CP Salmon ID, an FM CP at Hudson WY and another at Las Vegas NM.

Here are the specs for each station:

KRZX-FM CP Redlands CO: Class C3 on 106.1 MHz with 1.55 kw @ 1,257’

KXML-FM CP Salmon ID: Class A on 99.9 MHz with 200 w @ -1,312’

FM CP Kaycee WY: Class C2 on 92.1 MHz with 15 kw @ 551’

FM CP Las Vegas NM: Class C2 on 93.7 MHz with 26 kw @ 13’

FM CP Hudson WY: Class C on 102.9 MHz with 100 kw @ 1,923’