CP Communications Acquires SportsCam


ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. — CP Communications, known for its live event production products, has acquired the assets of SportsCam, the creator of wireless and robotic camera products for live sports production.

The acquisition expands CP Communications’ range of wired, wireless and cellular content acquisition and streaming systems for its Red House Streaming brand, while also opening the door for new business opportunities in security and public safety.

SportsCam supercharged the fan engagement game with the introduction of wearable wireless cameras, among the first technologies to embed camera and transmission equipment into clothing. Their products emphasize wearable, cloud-connected cameras to capture close-up sports action from varied points of view.

The SportsCam products have been used in hockey, boxing and College Football
broadcasts. They are also used by remote newsgathering teams, and serve many other content acquisition needs for broadcast and professional AV events.

CP CEO Kurt Heitmann is bullish about where SportsCam can take the company beyond sports production, most notably markets such as law enforcement, public safety, and oil and gas that rely on wearable and robotic cameras to document events. He sees strong synergies between SportsCam and products that CP Communications and Red House Streaming regularly leverage for sports and live events, including Mobile Viewpoint’s IP streaming and bonded cellular solutions.

SportsCam founder Chris Stramacchia will remain with CP Communications and work closely with the company’s engineering and R&D teams.

— Brian Galante