CP Communications Returns To L.A. After a Decade


SHERMAN OAKS, CALIF. — For drivers traversing the San Diego Freeway across the San Fernando Valley, the Anheuser-Busch plant on Roscoe Blvd. has become a familiar sight. Just south along Woodley Ave. is Van Nuys Airport and the Flyaway Bus Terminal.

Amid all of this activity is the new West Coast outpost for a live event production tool manufacturer serving broadcasters from St. Petersburg, Fla. It marks the return of CP Communications to the City of Angels for the first time in 10 years.

Now situated off of Woodley Ave., just to the south of the brewery and west of the 405 Freeway is the new Los Angeles office for CP, led by CEO Kurt Heitmann.

With a focus on high-end 4K production gear, RF camera packages, multi-camera PTZ production systems and similarly themed products for broadcasters, CP has appointed Ian McKelvy to oversee the L.A. operation.

McKelvy is approaching his third anniversary with CP Communications.

“L.A. is such a huge market, and a strategic market,” McKelvy said. “To better serve that market, you need to have boots on the ground. We really want to showcase our solutions, from more traditional broadcast productions to the bonded cellular live streaming solutions we offer through our Red House Streaming subsidiary. This is an exciting opportunity for CP Communications.”

McKelvy expects a presence in Southern California will provide the company the opportunity to collaborate with design groups in the area and attract corporate clients. The new office will also help drive REMI production and live streaming business back to the Red House Streaming (RHS) studios in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“Coming out of the last couple of years, people don’t necessarily want to fly to a studio,” McKelvy explained. “They are starting to realize just how much you can do with streaming. There’s so much opportunity for our streaming business, and we offer many different solutions for the corporate video market. By stocking our hardware locally and providing local technical support and expertise here, we can better support our customers and their projects.”

While Southern California is a main focal point, CP Communications says the new warehouse-style office also provides better access to other clients in the region. “With an office on the West Coast, we can get gear quicker and more efficiently to markets like Las Vegas and San Diego,” McKelvy said. “We also have some great clients in the Northwest, including Portland and Washington State, so we will be able to better service them as well.”

The new CP Communications office is located at 15907 Blythe Street in Van Nuys, and is accessible via the Roscoe Blvd. exit of the San Diego Freeway. The Van Nuys FlyAway Bus offers nonstop service to Los Angeles International Airport.