CP seller not letting go until it gets back in


SoldAn upper Wisconsin Country station has a deal to pair up with an as-yet-to-be-built FM, but the deal in contingent on the seller getting a replacement station somewhere in Wisconsin one way or another.

The station being bought is WHOH-FM Rhinelander WI. It will be a C3 on 96.5 MHz with 2.45 kW @ 1,043’.

The buyer is Results Broadcasting of Rhinelander, headed by Bruce D. Glassman. RBR also owns WCYE-FM Three Lakes WI, and it will form a duopoly with WHOH once the latter is contructed. WCYE calls itself Coyote 93.7, and is a Class C1 on that frequency with 100 kW @ 407.

The seller is Multi-Cultural Diversity Radio Inc., headed by Samir Abumayyaleh. MCDR won the CP in Auction No. 93 with a $10K bid which, after applying a bidding credit, resulted in an actual payment of $6.5K.

The price will be $65K cash, and it includes a three-year non-compete. MCDR also has a five year right of first refusal to reacquire the station should RBR decide to sell it.

The deal is contingent on MCDR acquiring another station within the state, defined by its having filed either a Form 301, 314 or 315 to that end. It this has not occurred by 8/1/13, either party may pull the plug on the WHOH deal, and MCDR can waive the contingency at any time.

RBR-TVBR observation: For the second time this week we find our name being echoed in the FCC deal database. In this case, as noted above, the buyer’s initials are RBR. Earlier, we reported on a deal for KRBR-FM La Barge WY. Now if we can only figure out a way to get some royalties rolling in…