CPB signs Webcasting Royalty deal


The National Journal reports The Corporation for Public Broadcasting will pay digital music royalty collector SoundExchange $ 2.4 million for the term 2011-2015 under a deal made public Tuesday. The agreement, which was completed in late July, is one of several similar arrangements made under the Webcaster Settlement Act, which gave SoundExchange the authority to negotiate alternative rates and terms to the prevailing royalty rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board in 2007.

The deal covers CPB qualified stations, National Public Radio member stations and National Federation of Community Broadcasters participant member stations (along with NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio International and the Public Radio Exchange). “This continuing partnership allows music fans to experience a greater diversity of music, while allowing artists and rights holders the ability to share in revenues generated from music lovers who tune in to hear great recordings,” SoundExchange Executive Director John Simson said.

SoundExchange announced recently that it had also made agreements with college broadcasters, SIRIUS-XM and with the National Religious Broadcasters Music License Committee. Terms and rates for each will be published in the Federal Register.