New Nielsen Tool Addresses PPM Panel Concerns


PPM analysis tool and PD Advantage clients will now have access to reports that will provide everyone from programmers up to the C-Suite with greater insight into panelist behavior and panel change.

“Control Panel Reports” will begin to be shared by Nielsen Audio in late October, starting with October 2016 data, and are available to clients of the tool programming tools at no additional charge, the ratings measurement firm notes.

According to Nielsen, the Control Panel Reports provide “far more detail” about the panel, including changes in tuning, new panelists, heavy listeners, panelist weights, specific age of station panelists, ZIP codes, and other panel dynamics.

The Control Panel Reports will be sent directly to clients shortly after the monthly data is published in PPM markets.

Reports for competing stations will be available for “a nominal fee,” Nielsen says.

“This information will provide greater insights, granularity and transparency into panelist listening behavior and panel changes,” the company said in a note distributed to clients on Oct. 11. “It can be used to help you better understand panel dynamics and how they may influence the ratings.”