CRB Jam to celebrate radio


CRS-40 in Nashville will wrap up on Friday night, March 6th, with “The 40th Anniversary Jam: A Musical Salute to Radio.” Major artists are being invited to celebrate 40 years of the Country Radio Seminar with covers of any favorite hit song from the last four decades.

“Artists are encouraged to cover any song they choose from Top 40 radio in any genre over the last 40 years. It’s a creative way for the artists to perform songs they might not normally get an opportunity to play otherwise, as well as a chance for them to say ‘thank you’ to all their supporters at radio,” said Robert Reynolds, Director of Industry Relations for, which has partnered with Country Radio Broadcasters Inc. to produce the concert at Cadillac Ranch. A group of A-list session players has been assembled to serve as the house band for the evening.

The event will be held at 10:30 pm, following the New Faces of Country Music Show to officially close out CRS-40.

“CRS-40 marks an impressive milestone in the history of the Country Radio Broadcasters.  We wanted to come up with a unique way to express that, and I think providing an opportunity for so many stars to get up on stage together and really cut loose is the perfect way to close out our 40th year,” said Sharon Allen, CRB Director of Sponsorship Sales.

RBR/TVBR observation: Once again, evidence that radio airplay is what really sells records – and that recording artists know it. But there are rumblings that the folks at RIAA have the ear of advisors close to President-elect Barack Obama to make a new push for legislation to make radio stations pay for the privilege of helping the labels make money. Performance royalties could again be a hot issue in Washington.