Critical Mention adds Spanish language monitoring


Critical Mention, a division of Critical Media and real-time TV search platform, now offers Spanish language broadcast monitoring services. Critical Mention was recently updated with CriticalTV 4.0 advanced features and functionality and will now digitize every word spoken from Spanish language broadcasters in all major markets. Critical Mention will ID Spanish language broadcast content 24/7 and make it searchable in real-time.

Critical Mention’s broadcast capture network indexes more than 1,000 media sources, including all 210 US television markets and select programming from Canada, the U.K. and the Middle East. Nearly 27 hours of searchable media from around the globe are added every 60 seconds to the platform.

Critical Mention allows marketers, agencies and broadcasters to stay on top of their brand, competitors and industry.

Features include:
Mention Meter – Use this simple widget to instantly capture the share of voice of up to four keywords or phrases and see a snapshot of how a media campaign is performing.

“WordPlay” Video Editing – Choose the beginning and ending words in the clip transcript text and click the edit button for an instantaneous, one-touch cut of a media hit without any software editing experience required.

Customizable Landing Pages – Create alert filters that auto-populate a homepage, browse recent searches or quickly skim through the latest video news feeds courtesy of Critical Media’s ClipSyndicate.

Advanced Transcoding for Mobile – Keep up with the mobile trend by using Critical Mention’s transcoding service, available to all modern digital video formats including those supported by iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Comprehensive Report Builder – Take advantage of more customization options including drag-and-drop ordering of segments, titling of segments, and the ability to edit meta-data.

E-mail & RSS Feed Alerts – Schedule alerts to arrive as a digest once or twice a day in addition to as they air, and/or receive those alerts via RSS to a blog reader like Yahoo! or Google.

Advanced Search –Quickly drill down by categories that matter most, such as specific keywords, states, markets, networks, dates and more using an improved interface.

Video Thumbnail Selector –Choose the relevant video picture that serves as the thumbnail picture for video emails and Web reports.