CRN radio campaign helped NJ Aldi opening


aldiThe effort combined sweepstakes, local station personalities and live event to attract the Hispanic audience: Aldi, a grocery retailer with more than 1,200 stores in 32 states, faced a traditional marketing challenge – to attract as many consumers as possible to the grand opening of its Lodi, NJ, supermarket. In the end, they turned to a radio campaign combined with a sweepstakes, local radio personalities and a live event to meet their objectives.

Fresh off the heels of a successful promotion this spring designed to build enthusiasm and drive Hispanic consumers to an Aldi supermarket in North Bergen, NJ, CRN International (a full-service radio marketing company based in New Haven, CT with offices in NYC, Minneapolis, Detroit, Houston, and Hershey, PA) was asked by Universal McCann to replicate the campaign this fall for the grand opening of the new store.

CRN says it created a promotion to engage listeners of a top Hispanic W25-54 radio station with a sweepstakes and station appearance. CRN arranged for top La Mega (SBS’s WSKQ-FM NY) personality DJ Shino Aguakate to deliver endorsements to listeners in the week leading up to the live broadcast of the grand opening.

CRN worked with the La Mega Promotions Team, which was onsite with a station vehicle, two on-air talents and a promotions crew. The team handed out raffle tickets to the crowd, and the DJs every 15 minutes awarded event-goers with $50 Aldi gift cards.  The DJs interacted with the crowd by dancing with listeners, handing out station prizes (t-shirts, CDs) and inviting everyone to grab a burger from the tent. More than 200 people attended.