Crook & Chase launch web content for affiliates


Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase have announced the debut of “Crook & Chase Country” – extensive website and related content built specifically for radio stations and their listeners.  The Crook & Chase-branded service will reside on station websites and includes exclusive audio and video, as well as links to artist websites, concert tour and release schedules, and destinations to purchase downloads, CDs and authorized merchandise.  Of equal importance, Crook & Chase Country is designed to accommodate local radio advertisers, which will allow stations to generate non-traditional revenue in conjunction with compelling Country music content.  Finally, as an added bonus, the service also includes self-contained sponsorable Crook & Chase audio interviews, which can be aired on stations’ streams.

According to Crook, “We entered our 25th year as team by renewing our popular TV show on RFD-TV and we know that to continue to reach out to Country music fans, we need to do so in every manner possible.  Making a big push on the web is the obvious next step to compliment all the things we’re already doing in radio and TV.  We see the debut of Crook & Chase Country as a perfect way to interact even more with our audience, while providing a great service to our friends in radio.”

As Country music’s best-known and most-trusted interview team, Crook & Chase have a unique opportunity to meet the insatiable appetites of Country music fans.  Notes Chase, “Every week we talk with Country’s biggest names – the superstars, the legends and the folks who are on their way up.  We experience so many great moments that never make it to traditional broadcasts via TV or radio, so the web is a perfect place to give Country fans even more of what they’re hungry for.”

Crook & Chase Country features an Artist Spotlight, which is updated frequently and includes exclusive audio and video content.  The feature’s Video Vault provides viewers with Internet Premiere Videos – interview clips of Lorianne & Charlie with Country’s brightest stars.  As an added bonus, Crook & Chase Country also includes the week’s Top 30 singles chart, direct from the latest edition of the Crook & Chase Countdown.   According to Crook & Chase, the driving motivation behind Crook & Chase Country is to keep the content fresh and plentiful.

Crook & Chase Country is developed by Crook & Chase, in conjunction with Media Integrations, a company that generates revenue for media companies through a variety of products and services.  Media Integrations’ Bob Bedi notes “the opportunity to extend the Crook & Chase brand further onto the web and to assist radio stations in generating more revenue was too great to resist.  We know station listeners will love the opportunity to experience exclusive content thanks to Crook & Chase.  But every bit as important is the ability to help stations make money.  We’ve built Crook & Chase Country to accommodate local advertising.  The Media Integrations team makes it a turn-key experience for stations, by designing the sponsors’ banners and integrating them into the feature on the stations’ websites.  Particularly in these challenging times, it’s critical for radio to provide value to advertisers in non-traditional ways and Crook & Chase Country is the perfect vehicle.”