Cross-Device Provider Proof, Now From Nielsen


Attention, radio and TV stations that seek meaningful metrics for their digital advertising solutions: A cross-device verification, powered by Nielsen‘s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR), has been launched by the audience measurement giant.

Under the new methodology, Nielsen will conduct measurement of the accuracy of cross-device graph providers, offering an independent third-party measure of their efficacy in verifying consumer identity.

Cross-device tracking has risen to prominence in recent years as publishers and platforms have sought to capture consumer engagement across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. While the number of providers addressing this need has grown, Nielsen acknowledges there has been a lack of objective benchmarks in the marketplace to evaluate providers’ accuracy and efficiency.

Nielsen hopes its methodology will “provide greater rigor in methodological approach and scale to the verification of cross-device providers’ models,” which are also known as device graphs, by leveraging a representative, census-based third-party data set validated by Nielsen measurement panels.

The methodology will evaluate providers across five metrics including match rate, precision, recall, cross-device scale and a composite score, which will be available for external use by participating clients, Nielsen says.

“The growth of cross-device providers underscores market demand to understand consumer behavior across the various devices we use and engage with everyday,” said Nielsen SVP/Digital Thomas Eaton. “Nielsen’s cross device verification will bring greater rigor and transparency to the measurement of cross device graphs and provide the market with valuable insights to assist in more informed buying and selling decisions.”