Latin/Hispanic Radio, Consumers and Retail


MIB Reports HispanicThe Latin/Hispanic audience, like all radio audiences, has needs and desires, and money to spend to meet those needs and satisfy those desires. This study will shed light on the audience, to help broadcasters sell the format and to help advertisers use it.

The purpose of this study is to provide radio stations using a Latin/Hispanic format with a general profile of their audience, look at how they use News radio and other media, and finally, to look at their interaction with retail establishments. It is produced using data from the massive consumer, media and retail database compiled by BIGresearch, selected and analyzed by RBR-TVBR.

The latter part provides a target list – your knowledge of the local business community will tell you which ones will benefit from communicating with the audience you provide to the mutual benefit of the business and the station.

For retailers, use of this and other radio and television programming studies will help you identify which type of programming would best serve your own commercial message.

Part One: The Latin/Hispanic Audience

This isn’t so much a format as it is a group of formats lumped together – as such, other than its – of course – tendency to attract Hispanics, it otherwise produces relatively flat results. However, trends are visible – in general the audience skews young due to a relatively small group of elderly Hispanics at that end of the age spectrum.

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