CRSA partners with Tony Bongiovi


The Classic Rock Society of America (CRSA) has partnered with renowned producer, engineer, and founder of Power Station Studios, Tony Bongiovi, to restore its exclusive catalog of Classic Rock artist interviews and radio shows.  Curated from the archives of Denny Somach Productions, the Classic Rock audio files have been re-mastered using Bongiovi’s patented Digital Power Station (DPS) process.

“Restoring these interviews and radio shows lies at the heart of the CRSA mission to preserve, promote, and celebrate Classic Rock music,” explained Debbie Durben, President, CRSA/Focus 360.  “In these treasured audio files, Classic Rock’s biggest stars share behind-the-scenes stories about their lives and their music in interviews that haven’t been heard in decades.  It’s the history of Classic Rock from those who shaped it.”

The restored Classic Rock interviews and radio shows will be the focal point of three multi-media clips delivered daily to CRSA radio station and media partners’ websites via the CRSA turnkey player.  The clips also will feature new interviews and commentary and integrate “Ken Burns-style” video montage slide shows to create a 360-degree Classic Rock experience for fans.  The full-length content will be available as a paid subscription in a revenue-sharing opportunity for radio station and media partners.

“I can’t believe I am working with the guy who worked with Jimi Hendrix, recorded live performances at Woodstock, and oversaw so many great-sounding records from the ’80s and ’90s,” said Somach.  “To hear my interviews come to life again with such amazing clarity is truly rewarding.  Classic Rock fans are going to love this!”

In addition to transforming the existing Denny Somach Productions library, CRSA will acquire additional content from all over the world.


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