CSI’s: Miami ‘Delko Returns’; CSI: NY faces ‘Death House’; CSI: digs for truth


CSI: Miami – “Delko For the Defense” – Eric Delko returns as an expert witness for the defense, pitting himself against his old team on ‘CSI: Miami,’ Adam Rodriguez Returns as Eric Delko. (on Monday, Dec. 14th)

RBR-TVBR note: This will be interesting to see how Delko and David Caruso (Horatio Caine) react to one another since as some may forget they are brother-in-laws.

CSI: NY – “Death House” — A frantic 911 call sends the CSIs into a vacant penthouse; however, instead of finding the caller, they unearth a nearly 100-year-old corpse and find themselves navigating their way through a booby-trapped house. (on Wednesday, Dec. 9th)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “Appendicitement” — When Nick, Greg and Hodges take Henry to celebrate his birthday at a biker bar, they uncover a double homicide and find several suspects still at the bar who may be the murderers. (Thursday Dec. 10th)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “Better Off Dead” — The CSIs dig to find the truth about how a recent shootout at a gun store might connect to a young woman who may have committed suicide. (Thursday Dec. 17th)

CSI’s are on the CBS Television Network.

(source; information provided by CBS)