CSN attempt to undelete fails


The plans of noncommercial CSN International to construct CP WWTS-FM in Logansport IN fell apart when less than a month before the construction deadline, it learned that its planned antenna site fell through due to a change in technical standards. The date of that discovery was 9/9/05; the expiration date was 10/3/05. CSN had been awarded the permit on 10/3/02 as part of a settlement agreement among mutually exclusive applicants. CSN argued that it had "every reason to believe" that its antenna site was ready to go, and applied for an extension of time to build the station after the deal fell through. The FCC, however, said that "CSN did not investigate the tower’s ability to accommodate its antenna until July 2005." Had it not waited until essentially the last minute, it would probably have been able to resolve the problem one way or another. So when the CP expired, the FCC rescinded it and deleted the calls. Now CSN’s appeal has been turned down, on grounds that it has supplied no new information, nor has it demonstrated that the FCC erred the first time around.