CTIA objects to NAB mobile phone radio chip poll


Consumers don’t want a radio function on their mobile phone, argues CTIA – the Wireless Association. The wireless organization argued that the Harris Interactive poll indicating that most citizens would in fact like radio on their cell is incorrect. Why – apparently because CTIA says so.

CTIA was responding to the poll commissioned by NAB that showed general support for a mobile phone radio chip from two-thirds to three-fourth of consumers, any way the data was sliced and diced.

CTIA VP Jot Carpenter commented, “A chip mandate is the wrong answer. Government-dictated design would reduce innovation and limit consumer choice. In reality, FM capability is available today for consumers who want to access over-the-air radio on their mobile devices. Contrary to NAB’s self-interested assertions, a majority of consumers do not want that capability, and the notion that they want to pay more for a functionality they do not want is ridiculous.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Confronted by a poll from a respected national research company that produced a result it didn’t like, CTIA didn’t produce reputable research of its own to support a counter argument. No — it pretty much simply said “uh uhhhhhh.” How playground.