CTIA Petitions FCC To Bring 3.5 GHz To Market


In a blog on its website, wireless trade association CTIA says it asked the FCC, Thursday, to “move this July to bring the 3.5 GHz band to market, with an auction next year — and do so with investment-friendly rules.”

CTIA cites mid-band spectrum — with its range and high capacity for mobile traffic — as a key building block for 5G networks. The 3.5 GHz band will be the first mid-band spectrum available in the U.S.

The blog states, “At the turn of the decade, America’s wireless industry led the world in deploying 4G and began investing hundreds of billions of dollars to bring high-speed mobile broadband to 99.7 percent of Americans. Today, we’re on the cusp of the next-generation of wireless, 5G, and other countries like China and South Korea are doing everything they can to seize our wireless leadership.”