Ex-NBC Advanced TV Exec Captured By Cuebiq


A New York-based “location intelligence and consumer insights company” has gone to 30 Rock to lure its new Vice President of its television initiatives.

Now at Cuebiq is Chris Falkner, previously SVP of Advanced TV for NBC Broadcasting.

There, Falkner led projects to drive revenue in TV Everywhere, OTT, interactive television, addressable advertising, time-shifted viewing, VOD, Programmatic Ad Sales, and new viewership metrics.

As Head of TV at Cuebiq, Falkner will play a key role in the launch of Cuebiq’s TV attribution solution and spearhead partnerships development for both OTT and linear TV. For OTT clients, such as Hulu and Adobe, these partnerships will allow them to leverage Cuebiq’s analytics and suite of products to better target audiences, measure campaigns, and understand brand performance in the offline world, while linear TV clients will gain relationships with publishers, platforms and networks, as well as new channels.

“As the definition of TV continues to expand, and users have even more choices for how to engage with content, brands are reevaluating how best to reach and engage consumers exposed to TV advertising,” Cuebiq notes. “Addressing this trend, Cuebiq is expanding its cross-channel efforts into television, by leveraging the power of its anonymous and accurate location data set to effectively target audiences and measure campaigns across all TV.”

Cuebiq plans to augment its existing digital and out of home measurement capabilities to provide a cross-channel view of how the media mix, including both linear and advanced television, impacts overall store visits.

“Although ad spend in the TV space is on the rise, marketers face difficulties in efficiently navigating this complex environment, whether it be reaching consumers or determining ROI,” said Antonio Tomarchio, Cuebiq’s founder and CEO. “However, new technologies and strategies, such as location data, can positively impact how marketers target and measure their advertising efforts, so it was a logical next step to expand our cross-channel offerings to this key media channel.”

Cuebiq is headquartered in New York with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Italy, and China.