Cume is the Arbitron mantra


A day after delivering its first pre-currency PPM data for Los Angeles, Arbitron is trumpeting strong Cume gains for stations in all types of formats. AC, CHR, Country, Oldies and Sports stations, on average, saw their Cumes more than double from the Spring book.

Spanish stations saw their Cumes grow as well, but not as dramatically. News Talk stations – and there are a lot of them in LA – experienced only modest Cume improvement under PPM.

Source: Arbitron

RBR/TVBR observation: OK, so who didn’t benefit from PPM in the Cume department? The only format group to see its average Cume decline from the Spring survey vs June PPM data was “Educational.” Does that mean that people lie in Arbitron diaries by writing down that they are listening to educational programming, when they’re actually listening to something less enlightening? Arbitron didn’t identify individual stations in its release of PPM ratings info, but since only non-commercial KCRW-FM identifies its format as “Educational” you can make an educated guess in this case.